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Since 2001, Leslie's Cleaning Services has built our business by providing our clients with extraordinary service and cleaning. We use commercial-grade, non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning products that cannot harm your things or surfaces. If we miss anything, we will rectify the issue on our next visit at no charge to you!  
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  • Cleaning - $46.00 Per Labor Hour (3 hour minimum) 
  • Cleaning - $50.00 Per Labor Hour (for 2 hours of service)
  • Cleaning - $55.00 Per Labor Hour (for 1 hour of service)
  • Carpets - $99.00 First 3 areas, $30.00 each additional area 
  • Upholstery - $14.00/square foot, but may vary. Please call 530-885-5606 for a quote 
  • Tile Cleaning - $1.00 Per Square Foot 
  • Tile Sealing - $0.60 Per Square Foot
  • Tile Cleaning & Sealing - $1.55 Per Square Foot
  • Windows - $10.00 Per Entire Window - example: both sides of window = 1 window (Inside & Outside, & Tracks)
  • Window Screens - $1.50 Per Screen
  • Skylights - $15.00 Per Light
  • New Construction Windows - $13.00 Per Window, includes frame and track

Why Choose Us?

Leslie’s Cleaning Services mission is to ensure quality service through our attention to detail, outstanding customer service and green practices.Staff Image

Leslie’s Cleaning Service’s goal is to simplify our client’s lives by saving them valuable time and energy in the most environmentally responsible manner. By taking cleaning off your “to do” list, time is freed up for family, friends and fun!  
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"After using a cleaning service that kept everything 'in their head' it is a relief to now have a service that puts in on paper. In my first conversation with Leslie she spoke about the special products my home would need to clean and protect the granite and tiles, and how she participates and attends her industries learning opportunities. After the first cleaning I knew I had suffered with my last housekeepers for too long. Clean and Happy in Auburn, CA" ~ Silvia M.  
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