Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving out of your previous Auburn, CA area home and into a new home can be an exciting and happy time in your life, but no matter what, it is also a very stressful experience. One way you can lower your stress level is to hire Leslie’s Cleaning Services to deal with the big job of cleaning.

Move Out Cleaning: If you are moving out of a rental property, the easiest way to ensure you get your deposit back in full is to hire Leslie’s Cleaning Services to do a move-out cleaning once you have vacated the property. If you are selling your home and moving out before it is sold, a move-out cleaning will help your prospective buyers to see themselves in your home.

Move In Cleaning: A move-in cleaning is the same deep-cleaning as a move-out cleaning with an emphasis on sanitizing. At Leslie’s Cleaning Services, we want you to move in a healthy, sanitized and sparkling new home.

Take the Stress Out of Your Move

Let’s face it – you have enough on your plate without adding deep cleaning your entire house to the list. Moving is already stressful enough, especially if you ’re juggling your normal responsibilities, such as work and family, as well.

When you clean your Auburn, CA home, you might not have an experienced eye for all the nooks and crannies where dirt has collected. Professional cleaning technicians have the training and experience to clean so that it looks like new. When you hire Leslie’s Cleaning Services, your life gets easier and it ensures the job will be done right.

Positive Experience For You

Even if your new home already received a move out cleaning, it can’t hurt to schedule a move-in as well.  If time has passed in between the move-out cleaning and your move-in date, chances are good that dust and dirt have collected and contractors and others have trecked in and out of the home. It is also quite likely that surfaces have not been properly sanitized, no one wants to move into someone else’s gunkis! A move-in cleaning in Auburn gets the house pristine for you and your family.