Window Cleaning Service

Auburn, CA Window Cleaning

Achieving that streak-free status may require outside help and that is what we are here for!

If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional window cleaner in Auburn, and considering whether to do it yourself, there are four things to consider before ascending that ladder for a day of ‘do it yourself window washing’:

  • Safety – Can you safely clean those outside, hard-to-reach windows, and do you have the right equipment?
  • Time –  Washing windows is a time-consuming task. One major reason to hire professionals is for your time and efficiency. 
  • Quality –  Some household cleaners leave streaks you’ll have to stare at until the next time you can clean the windows.
  • Insurance – The most important consideration when hiring someone to wash your windows is that they can provide you with proof of the proper insurance documents.  Window washing is dangerous and the insurance is not inexpensive, but you do not want anyone on a ladder, with water and tools that are not covered by liability insurance.

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional window washer in Auburn, here are four things you probably didn’t think to do or ask but that you should before your squeegee-wielding window cleaner arrives to your Auburn home:

1. Clean your blinds

Clean windows can collect the dust that comes off of blinds. So if you plan to have a company wash the inside of your windows, then dust and clean your blinds before they arrive, or request hour housecleaning (we do this too!) to do it for you.

2. Ask about odd jobs

Window washers generally will have tall ladders, not only to reach high outside windows but also to access high, hard-to-reach things inside, too. Whether it’s dusting ceiling fans, changing lights bulbs out or cob webbing a light fixture, ask if and how much it will cost to do some of these other services.

3. Move fragile items

Even if a company is extremely careful and professional, the reality is accidents do happen. So if you move fragile goods out of the way, it will keep them from getting inadvertently damaged.

4. Be sure to clean the window screens

If you really want the most bang for your buck, have the screens cleaned as well.  Clean windows with dirty screens are just disappointing.