AirBnb Cleaning / Vacation Rental Cleaning

Did you know that most negative AirBnb reviews are written by guests dissatisfied with a messy, poorly cleaned vacation rental? A well-cared-for vacation home goes a long way to ensure guest satisfaction, rave reviews, and loyal renters. Keep in mind, maintaining a vacation rental is much more demanding than the upkeep of your own home.

At Leslie’s Cleaning Services we know AirBnb cleaning in Auburn, CA and what it takes to keep vacation homes sparkling clean no matter how tight the turnaround or how untidy the guest. Leslie not only has 20 years of experience in professional vacation rental cleaning but owns and rents them herself! You won’t find a a more qualified and detail oriented cleaning company to meet your specific needs.

Our vacation rental cleaning service is unique as we dedicate a technician to your property!  This means they know your rental and can easily spot when something is broken, missing or out of place.  We take pictures of anything out of the ordinary for you so you can make informed decisions pertaining to deposits. We also offer the convenience of professional carpet and window cleaning as well as shopping and stocking of reusables such as paper products and soaps. We’ll even call and meet the plumber!

We are confident that no other service will care for your short term the rental property and your rating like Leslie’s Cleaning Services! Whether you live out of town, are super busy or just want to make sure it is done right every time, Leslie’s Cleaning Services, can manage every aspect of your vacation rental for you!